The Alden Group - Level 15, 26-1 Sakuragaokach┼Ź Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8512, Japan +81 3 4540 6166

Company Profile

The Alden Group is a privately held and operated investment firm with a primary focus on global projects from the first to final steps of a company's developments. The Alden Group is a key agent in the developments of superb firms who require a partner that can provide financial assistance and a team of experienced managers. Having deep and varied experience in finance and capital management, The Alden Group can monetize projects that have significant potential in niche markets as well as in the technology, biotechnology, and sciences sectors. The Alden Group is proud of the fact that we are continuously evolving, with a fine tuned balanced investment strategy that consistently delivers high return on investment for our clients.

The Alden Group was incorporated in 2006 with our headquarters in Singapore to Tokyo, Japan. We are venture capitalists who invest in the first stages of developing technology firms, as well as creating partnerships with firms that have the potential to produce innovative and influential new products to the global market.

We provide financing for corporate takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, and provide firms with assistance to expand. The Alden Group sources its capital from both the private sector and professionally managed funds which is primarily invested in firms with growth potential.

The Alden Group employs a worldwide network of invest partners with the goal of optimizing growth opportunities in growing sectors and use our business model which provides sustainable growth for high return on investments.